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Prepare the roof before installing solar cells service by the expert team of BIA.


Why should we prevent a problem before it occurs?

Preventive problems that may arise from roof leakage after installing solar panels.

Reducing the difficulty of repairing roofs, as there are still solar panels installed.

Reduces the additional costs when removing and reinstalling solar panels.

Reduce the burden of finding storage space for removed solar panels and minimizes the risk of damage to the solar panels.

Reduce problems that may arise from the necessity to stop using electricity during roof repairs.

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Trust  BIA  to prepare the roof before installing solar panels!

Is your roof ready for solar panel installation, or does it still need preparation?

Inspecting your roof with care to meet standards. Efficiently reduce both costs and installation time in the long term!

"First step" in installing solar panels is to

prepare the roof to ensure maximum efficiency.

We consider and prepare diligently to ensure the efficiency and maximize the value of using solar panels.

Check roof's durability

Water Leak Repairs

Reducing temperature

Prevent rust

and leaks


 Warning!  If the roof is not prepared properly, these problems and risks may occur.

The problems and risks you may face if the roof is not properly prepared.

The roof deteriorates quickly.

The roof has deteriorated from water leaks, rust, or over time, due to the lack of initial preparation for the roof.

Loss time on removal and reinstallation.

Dismantling and repairing the solar panels, along with the reinstalling, result in a significant loss of time.


Redundancy Cost.

To repair the damaged roof, it is necessary to remove the solar panels first, but resulting in redundancy cost.

Accident resulting in loss of life.

A roof that is not support solar panel installation may pose risks of accidents due to unprepared structures.

These "problems" can be prevented by our service!

We have experts to assist you from inspecting the area, preparing, and handing over to solar panel installers.

Inspect the installation area

Prepare and repair the roof

Proceed with the installation

Trust our experts teams to inspect the area.

Enhance trust through an inspection of the roof structure.

We will inspect the structure and condition of the roof, find effective and suitable installation methods, and carry out cost-effective and efficient roof repairs.

Prepare and repair roof problems with BIA services.

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Best Waterproof

Seal roof leaks with flexible waterproofing material (PU Hydrolastic), repair and prevent long-term water leakage issues 100%.

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Best Ceramic Coating

Reflective heat paint service helps prevent heat accumulation on the roof, reduces water leakage and enhances the appearance of the roof.


Best Double Roof

With the lightweight metal sheet roof installation service, will helps reinforce strength and absorbs heat and noise for buildings.

Let's proceed with solar panel installation!

We arrange for solar panel installation experts to provide reliable services.

Along with roof inspection and preparation, having partnered with solar panel installation experts enables us to provide smooth and reliable services.


Trust the experts like us for roof preparation.

Contact us for inquiries, quotations, or consultations with the  BIA  team.

Consult about roof preparation now!

Prevent "problems" by comprehensive preparations!

We have experts who will assist you from inspecting the area to repairing, preparing, and referring to solar panel installers.

Save money

Avoid wasting money on repetitive repairs or fixes.

Save time

Reduce time for dismantling for repairs and reinstalling new solar panels.

Extend lifespan

Extend the lifespan of the roof along with the solar panels.

Save energy

Help reduce energy consumption by lowering the building's temperature.

Enhance safety

Increase confidence in safety with sturdy structures.

Enhance appearance

Improving the appearance of the roof can enhance the company's impression.

Our work




Our achievements include installations of Double Roof and solar panels installations.

The installation procedure.

On-site inspection

Inspect the installation area, collect data, and analyze the installation method that suits your roof.

Sent quotation

We estimate all service fees, costs, and expenses until installation completion.

Installation begins

Repair and strengthen roof structures with efficient services.

Installation completed

Inspect for completeness and deliver the work, while coordinating with our solar panel installation partner.

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Why BIA ?


4 reasons why should you choose us.


After Service

If any issues arise due to the installation, we will repair them free of charge.


Can reduce temperatures even without insulation.



Over 20 years
of experience

Years of experience bring us expertise and reliability.


Please contact us anytime if any issues arise after installation.

5-year warranty


Contact us

Transform sunlight into energy for your business.

Thank you! We will contact you back as soon as possible!



Frequently Asked Questions


How much does roof preparation cost?

The cost of roof preparation before installation depends on the condition of the roof, the services required, and the size of the area the customer needs.



How many days does it take to prepare the roof before installing solar panels?

It will take approximately 5 days to complete the process.


After installing solar panels, how many years is the lifespan of the roof?

After installation, it can be used for over 10 years.


Not found question you're looking for?

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Contact our experts now!

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